Allweather, Cushioned, Har Tru, Hydrocourt, & Synthetic Turf


Allweather, Cushioned, Har Tru, Hydrocourt, & Synthetic Turf


Horizon Sports Group has been providing award winning tennis court construction and surfacing for over 25 years. If your project is construction of a multiple court facility or a back yard court that needs resurfacing, we take pride in providing you with the best finished product possible.

Some of the most popular surface options are:

ALLWEATHER COURTS – Asphalt with a specialized acrylic coating systems manufactured by Nova Sports USA. Nova surfacing products provide a durable surface that will not fade or weather prematurely. Allweather courts are low maintenance and ready for use all year long. In addition to standard color coating, an Ultracushion system that provides a shock absorbing surface may be applied to new construction or resurfacing existing courts. Horizon Sports Group provides both new construction and resurfacing services. If existing courts are cracked, the cracks are repaired with the RiteWay Crack Repair System prior to resurfacing. Horizon Sports Group is a Certified Installer of Nova acrylic surfaces and the RiteWay Crack Repair System.

HAR TRU & HYDROCOURT – Fast drying Har Tru tennis courts provide a forgiving surface that creates the ultimate in player comfort. Har Tru courts are cooler, provide a slower ball speed, and allow players to slide, which reduces injuries. When properly maintained, a Har Tru court will last forever. Our in house laser grading provides a finished surface that is exactly to spec.

Horizon Sports Group is a licensed installer of the sub-surfaced irrigated Hydrocourt system. Hydrocourt is a self regulated watering system that irrigates the court

surface from below through a series of perforated pipes. Hydrocourts provide uniform irrigation on an as needed basis, limiting water usage. Courts never need to be closed for watering, as with a traditional Har Tru court.

In addition to full construction of Har Tru and Hydrocourts, Horizon Sports Group provides annual spring reconditioning and maintenance services.

SYNTHETIC TURF – Sand filled synthetic turf tennis courts provide a cushioned court surface with some slide, that is low maintenance and open for year around play. The playing speed of synthetic turf courts is dictated by the amount of sand infill that is added to the turf. Synthetic turf courts can be new construction or installed over an existing asphalt court. The synthetic turf court can double as a field hockey or soccer field while not in use for tennis.

Horizon Sports Group provides turn key construction of indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.