Fabric Structures

Sportspan Fabric Structures

Horizon Sports Group provides turn key construction of indoor athletic facilities using high quality steel frame fabric structures that we call SportSpan. SportSpan combines a quality building system with the accessories required to create an attractive and efficient indoor sports facility. Some of the superior qualities of SportSpan include:

DURABILITY – The post hot dipped galvanized steel frame provides optimal corrosion resistance. The 22 oz. Ferrari exterior membrane has a proven record of a lifespan over 25 years. SportSpan structures are engineered to meet wind and snow loads, and are building code compliant. We are proud of our record of never having a building failure in over 20 years.

TURN KEY PACKAGE – SportSpan turn key construction includes engineering, foundation construction, structure installation, insulation, lights, HVAC, accessories such as doors, fans, netting, etc., and sports surfacing. This turn key service allows for accurate budgeting and an efficient construction process. The facility will be completed on time, and without our client having to manage a construction project. We only build athletic facilities, so our experience aids in having our facilities ready for use as quickly as possible.

LOW OPERATIONAL COSTS – SportSpan requires very little maintenance, since it will not rust or leak, never needs to be painted, will not fall down in heavy wind or snow. The tightly sealed fabric, combined with our insulation system keeps the interior warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, which translates to lower energy costs.

RELOCATABLE STRUCTURE – Since the structure can be dismantled and relocated, it may be classified as equipment rather than a building, allowing for an accelerated Depreciation schedule. The modular nature of the SportSpan allows for easily adding to the length of the structure, so your facility can grow as your business grows. Since the structure can be moved, there is the option of selling the structure and accessories to be re-used at another site.

EXCELLENT ENVIRONMENT FOR INDOOR SPORTS – SportSpan is totally clear span with no interior beams to interfere with sports play. Structure widths may span over 200 feet, with no limit to the length. High eve and peak heights provide plenty of room for any recreational activity. The interior membrane provides great reflectivity foe LED lighting systems and customized HVAC systems keep the facility at the proper temperature.

SUPERIOR WARRANTY – SportSpan carries a 20 year warranty that includes both materials and labor. All accessories carry the manufacturers standard warranty. To get started, contact Horizon Sports Group and us provide you with a budgetary proposal.


Horizon Sports Group provides turn key construction of indoor and outdoor athletic facilities.